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Systems Engineering and Testing
The key element of General Scientific’s technical foundation resides in our systems engineering and test applications. In support of new development programs such as the V-22 and F/A-18E/F, our experts perform critical design reviews, test planning and execution. We are active in the discipline of technology insertion into aging systems to enhance operational capability and to extend mission effectiveness well beyond the life cycle initially planned.

General Scientific has supported the following programs:
• Mine Warfare Surface and Aviation Systems
• F/A-18E/F flight test support
• V-22 aircrew accommodations and human factors engineering
• Rotary and fixed wing crashworthiness and crew systems
• Joint Precision Approach and Landing System
• In-Service Mines
• Project BearTrap

Adding tangible value to an array of military programs, General Scientific Corporation combines real-world operational experience with advanced technology to create systems that are effective where it counts—in the field. Staff are located at or near our clients at Washington, D.C., Arlington, VA, Patuxent River, MD, San Diego, CA and various military establishments. The Engineering and Technical Services Staff of General Scientific is fully committed to providing effective and affordable services for systems and equipment utilized by the American warfighter.

Research, development, test, and evaluation investment programs require quality documentation. General Scientific works effectively and efficiently with our clients to document the process and the planning of sophisticated programs. This work involves the management of databases related to RDT&E capabilities, infrastructure support, minor construction and repair programs as well as major military construction programs.

Program Management
Acquisition management disciplines are both essential and integral to achieving efficient stewardship in the management of major federal programs. General Scientific is adept at earned-value management, cost estimating and modeling, budgetary analysis, business decision analysis, and program advocacy.

Our program management experience includes:
• F/A-18(A-F) Air Superiority Strike Fighter
• Air combat electronics
• V-22 tilt rotor aircraft
• AIM-9X Sidewinder
• Joint Standoff Weapon System
• Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
• Joint Mission Planning System
• Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures System
• Advanced Technology Forward-Looking Infrared System

Cost Estimating and Economic Analysis
General Scientific provides a full range of Cost Estimating & Economic services to meet our client’s needs. Services offered include Earned Value Management (EVM), Cost Estimating and Modeling, Business Decision Analysis, and Economic Analysis.

General Scientific’s technical personnel operate as fully integrated team members in support of global logistics engineering requirements. Our work for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force includes configuration management, engineering change proposal development and review, field activity liaison, and operational safety improvement program evaluations. At General Scientific, our focus is clear — to provide the right equipment at the right time.

Our analysts work closely with clients to enable more affordable aviation systems