During the past decade, General Scientific has provided IT upgrade services to numerous amphibious ships of the Pacific Fleet. This effort entails similar workup strategies as those encountered with shore installations, including systems redundancy in case of any cause of failure, fiber-optic networks, safe on-line and in-line data storage, shared information resources, and hardened portable information displays, etc. The dual impact of high-performance computing along with digital communications has affected every major shipboard installation. Today, information technology is clearly a major force in ensuring our warfighters are fully informed and provided accurate and timely information. At General Scientific, we work with our clients to develop and implement the right IT solutions that meet their identified and future needs.. We are skilled and experienced with complex environments involving legacy systems, client-server architectures, and leading-edge third-party software. And while we understand the technology and the tools, we remain focused on the goals and requirements of our customer.

The General Scientific Information Systems Engineering Group provides a broad range of shipboard and land-based IT-related services,including:

• Systems Analysis
• Systems Development
• Programming
• Network Management
• Facility Operation and Maintenance
• Backup and Security Services
• AIS Systems Design and Integration
• Data Conversion
• CAD/CAM Services
• Automated News and Data Services

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General Scientific employs highly skilled professionals.

Data Management and Information Control
General Scientific works with our clients to develop multi-tiered client/server data repositories. Our past work with the U.S. Navy involved the development of a web-based, distributed repository for engineering drawings and technical data. This new system handles more than 72 million drawings for 30 thousand users at 32 sites. We provide systems studies and analyses as well as independent verification and validation throughout system design, development, integration, and test.

In other IT-related work for the Naval Air Systems, General Scientific supports the Product Data Management System selection, acquisition, integration, and implementation. This includes providing technical support for the ISO 10303 Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP) and STEP’s EXPRESS data modeling and specification language.

IT solutions provided by General Scientific have played a key role in improving program management procedures and processes. We have for over 20 years, provided management, logistics, and engineering support to the Program Executive Office for Mine Warfare. In this role, we provide IT-related services directed at:

•Business Process Improvement
•Improved Program Management Procedures

Specific tasks include the development and maintenance of the Master Acquisition Program Plan and the Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System. Also, we input data to and generate reports from the customer’s Risk Radar System and the program’s Financial Management Information System, a local appliqué to the Navy STARS initiative (Standard Accounting and Reporting System). The application of these technologies has led to improved efficiency, productivity and overall cost effectiveness.

Technology Insertion
Our clients experience program success across the entire system life cycle through General Scientific’s effective technology insertion, integration, and software/toolset services. For the Department of Energy, General Scientific Corporation performed analyses of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) packages, including cost-benefit analyses and recommendations for acquisition. We designed, programmed, and maintained custom software micro and macro code for integration within these COTS packages, and performed toolset integration. We collected, converted, and automated cost and technical data associated with advanced energy technologies. In support of operations and maintenance, our employees provided resource loading, monitoring, and analysis of infrastructure acquisitions and resources management.

Systems Integration
General Scientific has developed small-scale systems integration solutions for a broad scope of client requirements, including:

• System design and development
• Hardware/software integration testing
• Fabrication and manufacturing
• System installation and training
• System operation and maintenance

We developed a ground-based, computer-controlled training module for U.S. Navy Airborne Mine Counter-Measures (AMCM) aircrews. The completed training systems include video coverage of operations with playback capability during conduct-of-mission scenarios or post-mission analysis. Also included in the training module is an internal communication system with privacy circuits for instructors.