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General Scientific Manufacturing Incorporated has the facilities, equipment, tooling, experienced personnel, professional management and quality systems to successfully complete any size contract. GSMI will deliver the required product on-time and within budget, while meeting or exceeding the quality and performance requirements. We have a wealth of experience working with the Department of Defense, NASA, Civilian Government Agencies and the Commercial Sector in our highly successful 14-year history. This previous experience, coupled with our new more efficient manufacturing capability, ensures that the best possible product is provided to our customers.

Equipment Assets
Our impressive array of equipment was recently enhanced by the purchase of a Fadal computer numerical controlled (CNC) vertical machining center. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment complements our 100 ton CNC press brake, 60/110/180-ton Geka Ironworker, six-foot box and pan brake, CNC milling machine and our 50” roll former, making easy work of almost all metal work requirements. Our heavy machinery is complimented by our arsenal of pneumatic and power tools, presses, chop saws, band saws, drill presses, grinders, rollers tube benders, impact drills, power wrenches, sanders and full professional sets of mechanical hand tools.

GSMI’s highly qualified professional staff, modern production facility, precise machining and fabricating equipment, ISO 9001 (2000) compliant quality system and outstanding contract delivery history, provides the low risk and high quality solution to your production or assembly needs.

Representative GSMI Customers And Products
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division: Carrier Landing Cross Check System
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division: A/M32K-4A Rough Terrain Trailer
Warner Robins – Air Logistics Center: Missile Storage Racks
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division: MHU-151 Small Munitions Trailer
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: Specialty File/Mail Carts
Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City: Integrated Carrier Landing System
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base: F-15 Pylon Racks
Naval Inventory Control Point Philadelphia: Carrier Deck Optical Assemblies
Hill Air Force Base: Specialized Shipping and Storage Containers
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division: Shipboard Paint Dispensers


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Facilities and Space
GSMI’s manufacturing facility located in Panama City, Florida is a modern 25,600 square foot facility comprised of 5,200 square feet of office area and 20,400 square feet of manufacturing and assembly/test area. The size and layout of our manufacturing plant gives us the ability to support multiple programs simultaneously. Our workflow efficient facility offers dedicated machine, fabrication, weld, paint and electrical shops as well as four 2,000 square foot production bays, over 6,000 square feet of interior controlled storage area, and over 10,000 square feet of secured and controlled outside storage. We are accustomed to providing assembly and testing of complex support systems as well as manufacturing and fabricating full production runs of a variety of products and components. Our new facility is even more productive with the implementation of our Manufacturing Resource Planner (MRP) system. This computerized management database compares demand for materials with available inventory, prepares and tracks purchase orders, cuts work orders, manages inventory and performs our accounting function from the data entered on a bill of materials (BOM).