Quality Assurance Program

General Scientific bases its Quality Assurance Plan on the Total Quality Management (TQM) paradigm (see below, right). TQM is reflected in the attitude of all our employees – from executive management to program/task personnel. General Scientifics’ TQM program begins with the personal commitment of our president. It is implemented through a comprehensive management system that empowers individual employees and promotes teamwork.

Periodic quality reviews ensure that all General Scientific Team products and deliverables meet customer expectations and meet or exceed the quality required by the customer and program directives.

Management Review 
The General Scientific Program Manager (PM) is responsible for coordinating quality matters with the customer on an on-going basis through the use of Quality Review Route Sheets provided with draft products. The PM will expedite incorporation of all suggested improvements, consistent with the terms of our contract and in keeping with our goal of maintaining continuity of process.

We subject all deliverables to our quality control process. This includes periodic review at critical or logical points during product preparation. The PM will review and assess reports, deliverables, and other products to ensure correct and consistent format, compliance, accuracy and completeness. The PM will also randomly audit QA processes to ensure adherence to the work plan and to established practice.

Multiple Task Orders
General Scientific currently supports individual contracts at six locations and over 50 task orders at 22 locations. We have proven sufficient corporate depth to address multiple government task orders concurrently.

Urgent Requirements
When confronted with urgent requirements, we will bring additional qualified personnel on board in a timely manner. Our Human Resources department has resumes of qualified personnel on file to ensure the quality of all work we undertake. General Scientific will address Quality Assurance identically on all task orders.
Organizational Conflicts of Interest
General Scientific does not and will not accept Contracts/Task Orders for which our participation would present a real or perceived organizational conflict of interest.


The General Scientific plan for Quality Assurance is implemented through incorporation of the following metrics, processes and procedures: customer satisfaction, customer feedback, consistency of process, quality control, corrective and preventive maintenance, responsibility, employee teambuilding with emphasis on training, individual growth, employee empowerment, and continuous improvement.

Customer Satisfaction
Quality is measured by the success of our products and services in helping our customers achieve their goals. General Scientifics’ primary focus is to exceed our customer’s expectations. We will measure customer satisfaction through (1) observation of their record of accomplishments in achievement their stated mission, and (2) their evaluations and comments regarding General Scientifics’ achieving contract performance.

Customer Feedback General Scientific actively seeks customer feedback on the quality of our services and products. Customer feedback helps to ensure minimal cost of correcting mistakes through early detection of discrepancies and timely identification of adverse trends. This allows us to initiate timely recovery action when necessary.

We routinely provide Quality Review Route Sheets with draft products. The Quality Review Route Sheet allows customer personnel to comment on the product or service and make suggestions for improvement during the development process. Figure 2-3.2 provides a sample of the Quality Review Route Sheet (see example, right). Our Program Manager will expedite incorporation of all customer provided suggested improvements that are consistent with the terms of our contract.

Consistency of Process
A consistently good product results from good planning and a well-engineered process. We strive to provide consistency and continuity of our methods and processes. Program and Task Mangers will ensure that standards and methods are unchanged so long as they continue to be responsive to the purpose for which they were developed and remain efficient and effective.

Quality Control
An objective of our quality assurance program is to ensure that quality is an integral component of every service or product from its conceptual phase through delivery. Rigorous and disciplined Quality Control (QC) is a key feature of General Scientifics’ quality assurance program. General Scientifics’ QC procedures include the continuous review of our products during their development and prior to delivery, to ensure that all products meet customer requirements and expectations.

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance
We will apply our QC procedures to all Corrective and Preventive Maintenance (CM & PM) activities performed by our personnel. PM will include personnel training and consistency of performance methods. We will perform CM as discrepancies are discovered by through Quality Control procedures.

While all General Scientific employees are responsible for performing high quality work at all times, the Program Manager has final responsibility for service performance and deliverables. He/She will perform periodic reviews of on-going work to ensure quality is built into all tasks. The PM will review all customer comments on our performance and maintain statistics on timeliness, accuracy and quality of each deliverable as reflected in customer comments.

Employee Team Building
Effective teams require a group of people unified by purpose, focused on a mission and committed to success. We build teams by providing strong management support and leadership. We keep individual employees informed of the status of events affecting the company, the project and the status of their employment. We empower employees to participate in decisions affecting the success of the project.

Each PM holds short weekly employee meetings during which information of mutual computing equipment and a supportive work environment.

Employee Training
The GSC Quality Assurance Plan provides for education and training as a mater of policy to increase employee productivity, to provide expert support in the performance of all tasks. We sponsor employee participation in seminars and training sessions and provide tuition reimbursement for work related courses.

Employee Empowerment
Our team members will be given the tools necessary to perform their tasks well. The tools include necessary training, communications and computing equipment and a supportive work environment.

Continuous Improvement
Our Quality Assurance program involves continuous improvement of processes and procedures based on the goals and objectives of our customers as illustrated in Figure 3 (below). We continually analyze our procedures for potential improvement. We solicit and introduce measures for improvement at our weekly staff meetings, at “lessons learned” discussions upon completion of a task, and in response to our customer’s recommendations.

Figure 1. 
The TQM Paradigm is the foundation for General Scientifics' QA Plan (click thumbnail to enlarge).

Figure 2.
Quality Control includes customer feedback on deliverables (click thumbnail to enlarge).
Figure 3
Continuous Improvement Process
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