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Digital Technology
As we move into the 21st century, embedded information infrastructures must be upgraded to match pace with the real-time information flow of today’s dynamic environment. General Scientific has been instrumental in helping organizations capture and utilize the latest in digital communication technology to keep pace with the times. From initial conceptualization all the way through installation and life cycle support, General Scientific is helping to launch the information age.

Our engineers:
• Conduct site surveys to establish legacy baselines on which to build
• Analyze existing and future information requirements and develop the most effective solutions possible
• Design network topologies to deliver the utmost in communications reliability, flexibility

Critical technologies utilized by General Scientific include:
• Asynchronous transfer mode switching
• Fiber optic cabling
• The latest generation of communication hubs and routers
Our expertise extends to the following:
Local Area Networks
Shipboard AN/USQ-153
Shore Facilities

Worldwide Communication Systems
International Maritime Satellite
Andrew Low Profile Spira-Cone HF Antennas
HF Communication Systems
Inter-American Naval Telecom Network Support

Systems Engineering
Communication Facilities Site Surveys
Base Electronic Systems Engineering Plans
System Operation and Verification Test (SVOT)
Theater Medical Information Program-Maritime (TMIP-M)

Closed Circuit TV Operations
Tactical-VTC Systems
CCTV Systems
Inport Ship Waterline/Pier TV Security Systems

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
COTS/GFE/Local Design Systems Integration